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Natural Jade Relaxing Eye Mask

Natural Jade Relaxing Eye Mask

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Natural jade eye mask, designed to provide a luxurious and soothing eye care experience. This mask combines the beneficial properties of natural healing stone, carefully woven beads, and a cold compress to provide optimal relief from eye fatigue and improve the quality of your sleep.

Product Features :

  • Natural Jade Healing Stone : Made from natural jade, this mask diffuses beneficial energies while soothing the delicate muscles around the eyes. Jade is renowned for its calming and refreshing properties, promoting rest and relaxation.

  • Hand-Woven Beads : The elaborately woven beads add a touch of elegance and authenticity to the mask. Each pearl is carefully chosen for its beauty and quality, creating a unique and precious accessory.

  • Eye Shade for Optimal Rest : The built-in eye shade helps effectively block ambient light, creating an environment conducive to resting the eyes, whether for a short rejuvenating nap or a night of deep sleep.

  • Relaxing Massage : The ergonomic contours of the mask provide a gentle massage around the eyes, helping to relieve built-up tension and stimulate blood circulation, which helps alleviate eye fatigue.

  • Natural Sleep Aid : Thanks to its unique combination of features, this mask promotes more peaceful and restorative sleep. The jade stone, woven beads, eye shadow and cold compress combine to create a calming experience that encourages better quality sleep.


  • Product Type: Natural Jade Eye Mask 
  • Materials: Natural Jade, Woven Beads, Skin-Friendly
  • Size: Approximately 15cm x 6cm designed to comfortably fit most faces while perfectly covering the eye area.
  • Use: Ideal for relieving eye fatigue, promoting quality sleep and providing instant refreshment
  • Care: Wipe gently with a damp cloth to clean the surface of the mask
  • Note: Due to the nature of natural stones, variations in color and texture may be present. Pearls may have small cracks or flaws, which adds to their unique charm.
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