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Octopus Head Massager

Octopus Head Massager

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The Octopus Head Massager is a portable massage device, designed to relieve stress and reduce muscle tension. It is made from metal and measures 22cm long. Its octopus-shaped design is complemented by a steel ball to provide ultimate relaxation capabilities. Its benefits include stress relief, improved blood circulation, reduced fatigue, and scalp and neck relaxation. Easy to take at home, traveling or to the office, the Octopus Head Massager is a versatile solution for long-lasting relaxation.

Product Features:

  • Head or body point massage: This massager is designed to provide a relaxing massage not only to the scalp, but also to other tension points on the body.

  • Portable to Carry: The massager is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry with you whether at home, traveling or in the office.

  • Helps eliminate muscle tension and fatigue: The massager is designed to help reduce muscle tension and fatigue, which can provide a feeling of relaxation.

  • Stimulates and massages head points: The ends of the massager are designed to stimulate and massage specific points on the head, which can potentially help relieve tension.

  • Metal Material: The massager is made of metal, which gives it some durability and a sturdy feel.

  • Octopus Shape: The massager has an octopus shape, with specifically designed ends to provide an effective massage sensation.

  • Length of 22 cm: The massager has a length of approximately 22 cm, making it convenient for targeting different areas of the body.

  • 20 g gross weight: Due to its low weight, the massager is easy to handle and use without excessive effort.

Product specifications. :

  • Material: Metal
  • Shape: Octopus
  • Length: Approximately 22 cm
  • Gross weight: 20 g
  • Color: Random
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